Setobaudinia Iredale, 1933 is a genus of camaenid land snails endemic to the Western Australian Kimberley. It comprises 20 currently recognised species, most of which occur within the north-western high precipitation zone between the Admiralty Gulf and Collier Bay and within less than 60 km distance from the coast. Exceptionally, two species are found on isolated limestone outcrops in the drier interior of the Victoria River District, Northern Territory. By studying the differentiation in shell and genital anatomy as well as in the mitochondrial markers 16S and COI, we revise the taxonomy of Setobaudinia and describe new taxa. The Northern Territory species S. victoriana Solem, 1985 is identified as a member of the genus Trachiopsis, which otherwise comprises species from the York Peninsula, Queensland. The species Damochlora spina Solem, 1985 is shown to be a member of the genus Setobaudinia. A new species from the eastern Kimberley has been identified as the sister group of Setobaudinia. It is placed in the new genus Kymatobaudinia for exhibiting morphological characteristics that differ from those of all other Setobaudinia species. In addition, we describe nine new species from coastal areas and islands off the cost throughout the south-west to north-west Kimberley: S. angustilabiata, sp. nov.; S. colmani, sp. nov.; S. incisa, sp. nov.; S. kessneri, sp. nov.; S. latilabiata, sp. nov.; S. longiflagellata, sp. nov.; S. malbyana, sp. nov.; S. minima, sp. nov.; S. plana, sp. nov.

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More on snails and islands: Molecular systematics and taxonomic revision of Setobaudinia Iredale, 1933 (Gastropoda: Camaenidae) from the Kimberley, Western Australia, with description of new taxa
Criscione, F; Köhler, F
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Invertebrate Systematics
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